About Us

Hello, my name is Tyler Williams owner and operator of William’s Water Purification. As a transplant from Rockford Illinois to Carlsbad California, I quickly fell in love with all that San Diego had to offer. Living in a small beach community was a dream but I later felt called to serve my country and joined the Army in 2011 where I served for 9 years. When I finished my time in the Army I secured a position with CalFire as a city and wildland fireman. My experiences in CalFire and the Army both heavily influenced my curiosity and passion for water renewal and conservation. After many years now working in the pool industry, I’ve witnessed millions of gallons of water wasted needlessly which finally fueled my decision to invest in water renewal technologies.


Our mission is to provide modern water renewal solutions that restore and replenish our nation’s most precious resource. We are proud to own and operate an all-American-made water renewal trailer that will provide clean water for not only American industry but for our children and many generations to come.

Pool RO Trailer
RO Pool Water in San Diego